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Richard Cerasani is the middle son of Arthur and Mary Cerasani. He has been a professional actor and member of the Screen Actors Guild, Actors’ Equity Association, and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists for over fifty years. He acts under his professional name, Richard Caine. As Richard Caine, he is best known for his television work, which included three years as the villain, Bill Watson, on General Hospital.


2 thoughts on “About the Author

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  2. Hi Dick!

    So very happy to read about your new book, and I will certainly buy a copy and read it with great
    pleasure and interest. Of course, I remember your mother as a very popular and effective teacher at Harley, and the impact that you and your older brother Art had on our tiny school during those years. We shared in common the fact that our mothers were teaching at the school and offsetting some of the tuition payments for you two and for my sister Leonore (Lee Bullard ’54 and Jim Bullard ’71 or ’72
    Best of luck to you with the book launch, and I hope many, many will read about your father’s artistry as I will! Truman

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